Let users to test your project

Lessue is a service that allows users to test their projects and find some issues. Moreover, testers can send a feedback and propose their ideas to users.

Our services

We are working on three main directions


When you add a script to the website, he creates a button with a special embedded form.


We develop a special Plugin and a simple UI for reporting some bugs or suggestions from testers.

Mobile Apps

In the future we will add the mobile components for iOS and Android devices to implement our functionality.

Our features

Report bug

Testers or customers of your project can by 2-clicks report about some issues on the website, in the game/app.

Get a feedback

Also, they can send a feedback about the design/ features of your website.

Suggest a ideas

To sum up, users can give you new ideas or vote for the existing.


We have the special notification bots for the popular messengers.



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